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The centuries old paint industry has been asleep for decades and remains so today.  No other paint/coatings company on this planet delivers quality, lasting, innovative exterior paint/coatings products.  Premature exterior paint failure remains at epidemic proportions worldwide, leaving consumers highly frustrated and on the hunt for real and lasting solutions.


Addressing this global demand, RDC has created a groundbreaking, advanced suite of “super” paints/coatings and building repair products.  We are proudly and boldly leading the charge in transforming the paint and coatings industry by, quite frankly, reinventing paint.


RDC has, to date, compiled over 13 years (and counting) of live product testing, exposing our products 24/7 against the most severe outdoor weather conditions known to man.  Additionally, to date, RDC has conducted an exhaustive list of 44 ASTM International tests of its products (and counting), including powerful ASTM testing for fire protection, waterproofing, anti-corrosion, thermal barrier protection, super strong adhesion and abrasion resistance performance, mold abatement, long product life, color retention, accelerated weather testing, and on and on. 


We are very confident there are no other paint or coating products on the world market today that can confidently make such remarkable product performance claims, all of which are scientifically proven/supported by both extensive live (ongoing) internal and outside independent testing. 

Easy Soap & Water Clean-up

Highlighting just a few of our bold product performance claims, RDC will adhere (like Super-Glue) to just about any surface for a lifetime—above or below fresh/salt water or even in battery acid, it’s Green/water-based, fireproof, waterproof yet breathable (which abates household mold), saves energy, covers over/resists corrosion, is stronger than epoxy, delivers fast dry times, offers fast/easy soap and water clean-up, includes a Lifetime Warranty, and on and on.

RDC products make up an only-in-class suite of “super-paints and coatings”.  Our highly guarded, proprietary (mysterious) blend of the most advanced, highest quality ingredients, including nanotechnology and other late breaking, cutting-edge raw materials, is how we are able to provide consumers the only groundbreaking, reinvented paint/coating products available globally—all supported by unmatched testing in the industry. 


Our suite of amazing products can be applied onto seemingly endless applications as our exciting Home page slideshow depicts, which are various examples of some of our product application types.  RDC products will adhere incredibly and for a lifetime to just about any substrate, usually without any primers. 


The following is an example of some of our direct applications: all wood, concrete, asphalt, brick/masonry, stucco, roof coatings/tiles, glass, vinyl, fiberglass, PVC/plastic, Styrofoam, paper, most carbon, alloy, stainless and tool steels, including: galvanized, titanium, aluminum, copper, nickel, bronze and more, along with most other pre-painted or pre-primed surfaces.  Again, all including a Lifetime Warranty.       


RDC takes a very innovative and forward-thinking approach to new/enhanced product development largely uncommon in this industry.  Rather than simply offering its customers “take it or leave it”, off-the-shelf products, RDC goes way beyond the extra mile passionately striving for perfection through technology, working with its customers (one-on-one) seeking real and lasting solutions through our proprietary, innovative, advanced research, development and testing processes. 


Our end goal is to create custom (solutions based) formulated products that exceed our customers’ expectations and do so efficiently, effectively, economically and speedily.  This is of course assuming a particular problem cannot be addressed with one of our existing advanced, high-performance RDC paint/coating products. 



High Impact


Powerful Thermal 

Barrier - Saves Energy

Super Strong Adhesion -

Won't Delaminate 

Water-Based -


Breathable - Keeps Wall Systems/Substrates Dry 

High Flexibility - Won't Crack, Chip or Peel

In addition to our existing cutting-edge products, RDC is also aggressively developing similarly amazing, long-lasting, Green/water-based asphalt and concrete repair products, as well as clear-coats and other related amazing products

through our closely held, groundbreaking technology and innovation. 

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